About Me



I was born and raised in South Korea and immigrated to Canada in 1984. I graduated from University of Alberta with Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine, Occupational Therapy Program.

I have worked in  the various health care industries (hospitals, long term care facilities and home care) over last 25 plus years both in the States and Canada. I love my profession and enjoyed working with so many people and in different settings.

I am very passionate about caring for people, ongoing personal development and encouraging/mentoring younger generations for their personal and professional growth.

I am married to Jim Bae for last 28 years and have two daughters (Ashley and Cara) and one son (Ezra). I currently live in Pickering, Ontario Canada. I love learning and sharing so I have gone through some extra training to facilitate  couple of workshops such as “Choices and Changes, Motivating Healthy Behaviours” and  “Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care”.

My husband and I have been involved in church ministry since 1992 but recently we made a decision to step away from the full time church ministry. It has been a tough decision after serving for 25 plus years but we are forever thankful to God for giving us this time to reflect and rediscover ourselves to become healthier individuals from inside out.

Now I am part of this amazing Master Key Master Mind Alliance program (2017-2018 Class) and I am super excited for my personal growth through this 6 months journey. (Written on September 2017).