Press Release


February 5, 2022

Interview at the Market America World Conference in Miami

Interviewer: Jim Winkler

Jim: we are so glad to finally meet you, Esther from Canada. I heard about how you built your team so strong over last few years. Could you tell me how many people you have in your organization?

Esther: Thank you, Jim, for giving me an opportunity to share my journey. It has been amazing and exciting journey over last 5 years. I have now over 300 people in my organization and I love each one of them. They have encouraged me and helped me to continue to grow as a person and I am so humbled by their dedication and love.

Jim: So what is the most significant accomplishment you had so far looking back since you’ve started this journey?

Esther: I have to say “I give all the glory to my God and give thanks to Him for the great blessings that he poured upon my life”. He has granted me two houses, one on US side of Niagara Falls and another one in Canadian side. As you all know. Niagara Falls is an amazing and miraculous site to see.  I love to open my home for people from all over the world to come to visit Niagara Falls and enjoy God’s amazing and spectacular work. This has been my dream to host many people to come and enjoy the hospitality and great fellowship in the Lord.

Niagara Falls


Jim: What else have you accomplished or enjoyed along this journey?

Esther: One of the biggest joy and excitement I want to share is that I was able to take a part in making an impact in our health care services. As you know that there has been great increase in holistic approach in healthcare practice over last couple of decades and It’s been my joy partnering with many dedicated healthcare professionals in Canada to implement Nutrametrix program for our patients’ optimal health. I love working with people and helping them to improve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, “True Health”!

Jim: Any last words or future plans?

Esther: Now I am able to do my own business full time, no longer Part-time, I see even greater growth over next 5 years, I would love to travel different parts of the world to empower and encourage people in my organization whenever and where ever there are needs. This will energize me even more and want to continue to serve God and others with much joy and excitement. Thank you!

Healthcare  nutraMetrix